Save the date: Thursday 18th February

Yep, it’s coming up to that time again. Del (Curls n Skirls) and I are hosting another virtual tea party next week.

I’m still finding delicious Golden Queen peaches in my local greengrocer, and I’ve found a couple of new ways to use them. And I’ve just about perfected an oatcakes recipe …

We hope you’ll be able to join us. I’ll kick off at 3pm next Thursday (Kiwi Time = GMT+13), and Del’s post will be up on Friday.

18 thoughts on “Save the date: Thursday 18th February

  1. Oh, peaches now, while we are in deep winter here! That alone gives me hope. I’m in bed, nursing my swollen hurt knee and body after a fall on wet stone stairs yesterday. Any tea and food invitation is gratefully noted!

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