Save the date: Thursday 18th March

Yep, it’s coming up to that time again. Del (Curls n Skirls) and I are hosting another virtual tea party next week.

Although I bake a lot, I seldom make cakes— birthdays and Christmas being the main exceptions. But having just baked our family’s old favourite, the sociologist/historian in me got thinking about how recipes evolve, and the ebb and flow of their popularity. Naturally, I’ve now wasted spent far too much time reading old recipe books and newspapers.

Curious? I’ll tell you all about it next week (and share a slice or two of cake with you).

We hope you’ll be able to join us. I’ll kick off at 3pm next Thursday (Kiwi Time = GMT+13), and Del’s post will be up a bit later.

24 thoughts on “Save the date: Thursday 18th March

  1. My problem is that I don’t really like cake as much as most people. When I was little, I liked maple cake and always had that for birthdays. Now? Who knows? But I’ll see what I can come up with even if it isn’t a cake.

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  2. I shall visit at my own time, knowing that our timezones are vastly different. That’s the beauty of those imagined get-togethers: we can join at any time 🍓🥐🧀🥧🥂☕

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  3. True 🙂
    I actually ended up with online newspaper archives, reading the “home hints” and “women’s page” sections. I love old newspapers, but had no idea what a resource they are for old recipes.


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