Friday flowers

Image: Su Leslie

Today I’m taking inspiration again from Tracy (at Reflections of an Untidy Mind), and am bringing you some music with my regular Friday Flowers.

This cover of the Cranberries Dreams was recorded last year “to raise funds and awareness for Safe Ireland, an organisation that provides support for women and children who are experiencing domestic violence and abuse.”

24 thoughts on “Friday flowers

  1. Gorgeous, Su ! Now I know why Ireland has won Eurovision so often: everyone can sing ! ๐Ÿ™‚
    (Slightly taken aback by the short-haired blonde with the eyeliner: where did that come from ? – answer, the ’70s, I believe.)

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  2. A 20% increase in domestic violence in Ireland since covid is staggering. I was thinking about the potential for an increase in family violence as a result of the combined impact of Australia’s bushfires, Covid and floods. The resilience well is dry, Su. Thank you for sharing the music and the info. It reminded me of the importance of donating. My TL makes a regular donation each pay to Lifeline but we can do more.

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    • It is horrendous, isn’t it? I know that Women’s Refuge here has been a bit overwhelmed since Covid — and that’s saying something in a country that has a terrible record in relation to family violence.

      I used to be involved with a sculpture exhibition that was a biennial fund-raiser for Women’s Refuge, so I know how much amazing work they do on a tiny budget.

      But of course, the most difficult thing is to actually leave an abusive relationship, when part of the abuse is almost always the total undermining of a woman’s self-esteem and self-belief.


  3. What a lovely recording! Thanks for sharing that, I don’t think I knew the Cranberries version, but this is so beautiful. Abuse in a relationship can take so many forms and not only hard to recognise, but also hard to escape. More needs to be done for men and women who suffer from abuse, everywhere. I cannot begin to imagine what it has been like for so many stuck at home during the pandemic and lockdowns with no respite. And your photo of the budding chrysanthemums is a delight too.

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    • Thanks Jude. I know that here, both the Police and women’s refuges have reported an increase in family violence over the last year. I have a friend who recently celebrated the 18th anniversary of her escape from a violent relationship, and said that it took seven attempts to finally get away for good.


  4. Educate, always educate to change attitudes from one generation to the next; from my time in Ireland I only recognise two of the singers, Caroline Corr and Allie Sherlock, but there are so many who have talent and attraction to music. Thanks for sharing.

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