Friday flowers

Pineapple sage flower. Image: Su Leslie

Today I’m taking inspiration again from Tracy (at Reflections of an Untidy Mind), and am bringing you some music with my regular Friday Flowers.

I’ve always loved Michael Stipe’s music, and this song — written a year ago — is no exception.

24 thoughts on “Friday flowers

  1. My pineapple sage is coming to the end of its flowering, the joyful red flowers make me happy all through the winter months, though sadly the plant does attract whitefly. Soon be time to repot and put back outside for the summer.

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    • I haven’t noticed whitefly, but will look out for that. I take a few cuttings every time I cut the main plant back, and they all seem to take. I now have pots full of baby pineapple sage I’m giving away to anyone who wants it.

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      • I have to keep mine in the conservatory during the winter and that’s when the whitefly attack. Obviously the conservatory isn’t well ventilated. I too take cuttings, and in fact the baby plants are doing better than the parent now!

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