32 thoughts on “Before and after: eco-dye on silk

    • Thanks Jude. I think my enthusiasm is limitless and I’m finally learning g that it’s ok to play and not expect perfection. That’s done wonders for my creativity.


  1. Ooh! So pretty!! What dye did you use? Is it going to keep? Can you wash the fabric? Or would it be better not to? I’ve been to the street market today in the hope to buy new fabrics to sew a few shirts and stuff but was utterly disappointed – not one single fabric stand was to find, just vegetables and fruits. Oh, and jewelry – it seems people really do need the latter. Our shopping policies absolutely make no sense to me. 😦

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    • That is disappointing! I have been struggling to find nice fabric too (one of the reasons I’m so keen on dyeing).

      We used leaves of a few different plants, spread them on silk, rolled it up and simmered it in hot water. Sometimes the leaves just colour the fabric, other ti Ed, they leave an imprint. It’s kind of random, and almost like christmas opening g the β€œcooked” bundles. I’m goi g to do a proper post on it soon.

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