40 thoughts on “I’m taking a break

  1. Enjoy your break Su. Pulling back from blogging certainly frees up a lot of time and refreshes theenthusiasm for other things. So pleased”changing seasons” is still on your radar.. take care and have fun.

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  2. Enjoy the time off. I know you’ll be up to many creative things so have fun. I’m contemplating taking a break when next week I take a three-day drive back to Illinois to visit all our friends. I won’t be back until just into June and the break would be nice. We’ll see.


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  3. Joining ‘the gang’ in wishing you a peaceful timeout and only hope that your break is not due to illness, exhaustion but serves as a ‘refill’ of joie de vivre, a pause for thoughts and a just welcome break for having some YOU time. Be well and only come back when ready. Lots of love 💙

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