Stopping by to say hello

Home; where the coffee is great and no-one wakes me every two hours to take my blood pressure (which is fine, thanks for asking). Image: Su Leslie 2021

It seems strange now that when I decided to take a break from blogging it was because I felt I had nothing to say.

Life can change so quickly.

Last week a grumbling health issue tipped over from chronic to acute and I found myself at the local A&E department.

One thing led to another and I spent five days being scanned, examined and generally pondered over.

The doctors aren’t quite sure what’s happening, but seem to think it’s probably not good.

I’m at home now, waiting for an MRI to (hopefully) make the picture clearer.

I’m feeling well and taking a crash course in gratitude.

And I can’t complain I have nothng to write about.