Stopping by to say hello

Home; where the coffee is great and no-one wakes me every two hours to take my blood pressure (which is fine, thanks for asking). Image: Su Leslie 2021

It seems strange now that when I decided to take a break from blogging it was because I felt I had nothing to say.

Life can change so quickly.

Last week a grumbling health issue tipped over from chronic to acute and I found myself at the local A&E department.

One thing led to another and I spent five days being scanned, examined and generally pondered over.

The doctors aren’t quite sure what’s happening, but seem to think it’s probably not good.

I’m at home now, waiting for an MRI to (hopefully) make the picture clearer.

I’m feeling well and taking a crash course in gratitude.

And I can’t complain I have nothng to write about.

71 thoughts on “Stopping by to say hello

  1. Never again will I believe that saying ‘no news is good news.’ Life is fragile, isn’t it? I hope the clear picture turns out to be easily treated. I miss your lovely photos. Take care and much love, my friend.

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  2. Hi Su – thanks for the quick check in and sending well wishes your way ❤❤
    – ((and side note – I got 24 stitches in my shin yesterday – cut it on something metal – and have been laid up yet again – well I am out and about so not as bad as the broken ribs a while back – but blah!))

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  3. Not at all sure that a like is appropriate here. Doing battle with a new laptop. Heaven knows why I bought a French one. Keeping me on my toes and providing scowls and smiles in equal measure, but at least I have the q back 😘 😘 Get well soon, hon!

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  4. Oh Su, that surely was NOT the reason to take a blogging pause?! I sincerely wish you a speedy and complete recovery from whatever ‘is eating you’ – I know from own experience that knowing the ‘devil’ is easier than not knowing anything – so hopefully the MRI will give you some help. Be kind to yourself and get well as quickly as can be.

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  5. That will teach you to abandon us! No, seriously, what a bummer Su. Hope they find out the cause and can treat it. Life is fragile and no more than this last year. Glad you are home and fingers crossed 🤞 for a positive result.

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  6. Oh dear su, I do hope they can sort out what’s wrong and quickly put you on the path to recovery. Like everyone I miss your cheerful posts. Hugs and best wishes 🥰

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  7. Gosh, Su, I am sorry to read this but I’m glad you reached out to let us know how you’re feeling. I hope by now you are feeling much better and that all goes well with the diagnosis/treatment.

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