48 thoughts on “Bye bye Queenstown, it’s been great

  1. also, I am sending well wishes and mentioned you in a post this week – because last summer I did a five-minute photo shoot with some mint tea and you know I thought of you and your 5-mnute posts, with the tea, and so much more.

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    • Hi Jude. Thank you. I’m ok; feeling pretty good and trying to just get on with life. I had a scan/blood tests in February which showed the chemo shrank residual tumors a bit. They will grow and spread, but I have no idea how quickly. I’m due to see the oncologist in a couple of weeks, and I guess I’ll know more after that.
      I hope that you’re well. xx


      • Good to know you’re getting on with life, I hope your garden and photography are still bringing you joy. I hope you have good news from the hospital, I shall keep my fingers crossed 🤞 and send you many hugs ((()))

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