Pretty maths


Algorithm as art. Image: Su Leslie 2018

Nature is full of fractals; endlessly repeating patterns of elements that remain the same regardless of scale. Trees, seashells, hurricanes and galaxies are all examples.

In mathematics, an equation can be calculated over and over to produce complexity from simplicity. From this, fractal generating software will process familiar images into detailed (and beautiful) patterns.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge |patterns


“But soft! What light …”


Early morning, Luckens Reserve, West Harbour, Auckland, NZ. Su Leslie 2018

Early morning mists create wonderful soft light and I’m lucky to live in an area that still has some tall trees to silhouette against the lightening sky.

The post title comes from the famous balcony scene of Romeo and Juliet. Though of course, Romeo was using “soft” as an exclamation, and was certainly more interested in wooing Juliet than any quality of the light around them.

Lens Artist Photo Challenge | soft