Pictures in my soul


The skim-boarding phase. Waiwera beach, Auckland. NZ. Image: Gray-Leslie family archive.

“The soul can not think without a picture. “Aristotle, Greek philosopher, 384–322 BC

If the human soul is the seat of principles, thoughts and emotions, then the prevailing picture in my soul is of two things I most want to cherish and protect; my son, and the natural world.

My boy is fortunate to have grown up with a vast natural playground all around him. Every child deserve this, and every single one of us needs to take whatever steps we can to protect, preserve and if possible restore our natural world for the good of our own souls, and for those yet to come.

Debbie, at Travel with Intent, hosts a weekly quotation challenge. Visit to see her stunning photos, and find links to other participants’.

Anchor me


Morning calm. Waitemata Harbour at Lucas Creek, from Greenhithe Wharf. Image: Su Leslie 2019

My friend Sarah at Art Expedition is hosting 30 Days, 30 Songs to share her music during June. I’m already a bit late to the party, but will join in when I can during the month.

This morning I walked down to Greenhithe wharf to watch the morning mist roll away up the harbour. The tide was full, and apart from a lone fisherman, the wharf was deserted.

I’d already chosen a song to post today, but (cliche though it may be) The MuttonbirdsAnchor Me seems much more appropriate.

Don McGlashan’s songs and voice have been on the soundtrack to my entire adult life; so I expect a few more will sneak into this project.