Silent Sunday

Close up shot of rose petals and leaves tipped with morning frost. Image: Su Leslie 2018

Image: Su Leslie, 2018


Silent Sunday

… nah, just kidding.

My Sunday has been anything but silent. The sound that a door-sized sheet of toughened glass makes when it explodes and falls into a tiled floor is horrendous.

I know this because I was (luckily) in the next room when our shower door exploded and shattered.

The photo shows all that remains; a few shards attached to the hinge.

I am grateful the bathroom wasn’t occupied.

I’m also grateful for insurance.

But as this is the second sheet of glass in our that’s broken recently (the rangehood cover broke a month or so ago), I am beginning to feel slightly jinxed.

I’ve heard that soprano voices can shatter wine glasses; but I wasn’t even singing.