Ice-cream and jelly for the grown-ups

“Vineyard Trio” jelly, mousse, and sorbet of made Syrah grape juice, with nut crumble. Eaten at Plume the Vineyard Restaurant, Matakana, NZ. Image: Su Leslie 2019.

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Never too cold for icecream


The boy-child experiences his first ice-cream from the famous Berthillon glacier on the Île Saint-Louis in Paris. Image: Su Leslie 2006

I’m on a bit of a nostalgia ride at the moment — remembering family holidays especially.

In 2006 a conference the Big T had to attend took us all to Paris in early March. It was bitterly cold (particularly as we’d come from a very hot Auckland summer), but someone suggested to the boy-child he try ice-cream from Berthillion … and you know how it is, who could let a few (very few) degrees come between a boy and a sweet icy confection.

From memory the flavours were chocolate and blood orange.

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Is it really four years ago?

For the last few days, FaceBook has helpfully been reminding me that in 2015 at this time, the Big T, the boy-child and I were on holiday together; in San Francisco, Munich, Bordeaux, then London.

On our last night in San Francisco, we ate somewhere off Washington Square, after an afternoon watching our only child skateboard down Lombard Street. As you do.

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