Easter memories

The boy-child with a box of hand-painted eggs, ready for the annual Easter Egg roll on Mt Victoria, Devonport, NZ. Image: Su Leslie The boy-child at 8; with a box of hand-painted eggs ready for our annual Easter Egg rolling outings. Image: Su Leslie, 2006

It’s been a long time since our last Easter Egg rolling event, but happy memories remain.

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More interested in the wrapping

The Big T has been going through tools boxes belonging to his father and grandfather. Yesterday he found this wire gauge — wrapped in a page from the New Zealand Herald, Saturday July 16, 1966. On one side are the entertainment listings; Thunderball or The Great Race perhaps, or a night of caberet at El Cortez — “wine, dine and dance.” On the other side are the birth and death announcements.

The wire gauge maybe more useful, but the newspaper is fascinating to me.

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