A beautiful memory

Close up shot of cat sitting on couch back. Image: Su Leslie, 2016

It’s been two years since our very sick fur-baby walked out of the house and didn’t return. I believe she died on her own terms, but it took months, if not years, for us to stop seeing imaginary flashes of movement, and rushing to open the door to the sound of phantom scratching.

This morning I missed her particularly badly. Until my runny nose and sneezing began and I remembered how her (utterly wonderful) presence had started to trigger my allergies.

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DP Photo Challenge: friend, take 2

The Big T and I spent quite a lot of time this last summer at the Muriwai gannet colony.  Although these gannets don’t necessarily mate for life, breeding pairs do share incubation and chick-care duties.

Watching the interactions between these magnificent birds, it is hard not to project human friendship traits onto their behaviour.

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Six word Saturday: my agent says this one’s mine

Meercats at Auckland Zoo. Hard to tell if they're looking for something, or auditioning for a Telecom ad. Photo: Su Leslie, 2014

Meerkats at Auckland Zoo. After becoming television darlings, it’s hard to tell if they’re actually looking for something, or auditioning for a Telecom ad. Photo: Su Leslie, 2014

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