Wordless Wednesday


‘Breathe’ by John Ferguson. Sculpture in steel; Sculpture in the Gardens, Auckland Botanic Gardens. Image; Su Leslie 2020

Lights on at 4pm

… and then the sky turned yellow. Parnell pool and Waitemata Harbour, around 2.30pm. image: Su Leslie 2020

The sky is Auckland has been vaguely hazy for days now, but around two this afternoon, it began to turn bush-fire yellow.

Smoke from the blazes consuming so much of Australia has reached us.

Parnell, Auckland. Image: Su Leslie 2020

St Stephen’s, Parnell. Image: Su Leslie 2020

View from my office, 5pm. Image: Su Leslie 2020

It’s really hard not to go all apocalyptic right now. And I’m over 2000km of ocean away from the nearest bush fires.

Here’s one I prepared earlier


The view I’d see if I went for a walk this morning. Upper Waitemata Harbour and Herald Island, from Greenhithe Bridge. Image: Su Leslie 2018

I’m definitely feeling more human again after my bout of the flu. I’m not happy about the lingering cough, but am very grateful the fever and aches (especially the headaches) are gone.

After yesterday’s constant rain, it was nice to wake up to some sunshine today. The tide is full and the wind has dropped, so if I had the energy I would walk across Greenhithe Bridge and enjoy seeing this part of the Waitemata harbour at its best. But I’ve learned not to do too much too soon, so for now I’ll content myself with a photo from a previous walk.

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