Silent Sunday


Variations on a theme

Lone man at tide line, Muriwai Beach, New Zealand. Shot at sunset, with gold/ping reflections of the sky in the sand. Image: Su Leslie, 2018

Sunset, Muriwai Beach, NZ. Image: Su Leslie, 2018

Muriwai Beach is a place to which I return again and again. It is the closest west coast (and therefore surf) beach to home, but the attraction lies more in its illusion of endlessness, and the spectacular sunsets so often seen there.

Last night was no exception.

Editing the shot, I accidentally found a new feature in Snapseed which re-lit it as a scene more closely resembling early morning.

Lone man standing at tide line, Muriwai Beach. Golden tones to shot. Image: Su Leslie, 2018

A trick of the light? Muriwai Beach, New Zealand. Image: Su Leslie, 2018

Other variations on the edit suggest (to me) not only different times of day, but perhaps different seasons. What do you think?

The task for this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is to find variations on a theme.

As an aside, I found this quote by the great American photographer Dorothea Lange. I’m not sure I agree, but it is certainly food for thought.

“Pick a theme and work it to exhaustion… the subject must be something you truly love or truly hate.”  — Dorothea Lange

DP Photo Challenge: silence

Sunset, Christmas Beach, Auckland, NZ. Clouds and sunlight reflected in calm water.Image; Su Leslie, 2017

Sunset, Christmas Beach, Auckland, NZ. Image; Su Leslie, 2017


You tell me that silence
is nearer to peace than poems
but if for my gift
I brought you silence
(for I know silence)
you would say
This is not silence
this is another poem
and you would hand it back to me”

― Leonard Cohen, The Spice-Box of Earth (1961)

Daily Post Photo Challenge | silence

Six Word Saturday: another day, another couple of beaches

Boy and couple watching waves crash over the seawall at Mairangi Bay, Auckland, NZ during a storm in early January 2018. Image: Su Leslie, 2018

Storm-watching, Mairangi Bay, Auckland, NZ. Image: Su Leslie, 2018