DP Photo Challenge | awakening

Close up shot of white plum blossom flower covered in raindrops. Image: Su Leslie, 2018

Out of season. Plum blossom in autumn. Image: Su Leslie, 2018

Our poor plum tree is confused. After bearing record numbers of fruit earlier in the year, it began to blossom again; fooled perhaps by the unusually warm weather.

Sadly, this awakening was short-lived. Auckland’s weather has turned, and any blossom not torn off in the storm last week has been drenched and blown away in subsequent days.

Daily Post Photo Challenge | awakening


Friday flowers

Close up shot of plum blossom. Image: Su Leslie, 2017

Plum blossom. Image: Su Leslie, 2017

Close up shot of plum blosssom cluster highlighted against dark background. Image: Su Leslie, 2017

Plum blossom, take 2. Image: Su Leslie, 2017

The plum blossom has survived the rain and wind we’ve had all week, and this morning I noticed the neighbour’s clematis has sent a tendril over the fence with these two flowers attached.

The first clematis flowers of the season. Close up shot of pink clematis against blurred background.Image: Su Leslie, 2017

The first clematis. Image: Su Leslie, 2017