Monday Macro

As part of his cafe racer motorcycle re-building project, the Big T has acquired a few old Automobile Association badges, including one that belonged to his grandfather.

You can’t see it in this shot, but each is stamped with an individual number. The historian in me is keen to find out if we can attach the numbers to individuals. An email to the AA is in order I think.

Regular Random: five minutes with a work in progress


I may have mentioned that the Big T loves motorbikes and has one or two (or three) in the garage. His latest is a BMW that he’s making into a café racer (I’ll let Wikipedia explain that to those who are unfamiliar with the term).

It’s very much a work in progress and I can’t get it out of the garage to shoot in its entirety, but some of the parts are rather beautiful.

And I suspect the finished bike will be fabulous.

Regular Random is a photo challenge hosted by Desley Jane at Musings of a Frequently Flying Scientist. Please pop over and take a look;  and if you’d like to join in:

  • choose a subject or a scene
  • spend five minutes photographing it – no more!
  • try to not interfere with the subject, instead see it from many angles, look through something at it, change the light that’s hitting it
  • have fun!
  • tag your post #regularrandom and ping back to Desley’s post.