Image: Su Leslie 2021


The sun was shining and my kitchen was full of lovely, yellow corn cobs. Thoughts turned to inviting friends round for a barbecue.


The rain has arrived. And Auckland has gone back into (so far a very temporary) Covid lock-down.

I’m happy about the rain; the garden looks greener already.

The lock-down; not so much. But I appreciate our government taking such a proactive stand.

And I still have lots of lovely yellow sweetcorn to enjoy.

Not to mention a post for Jude’s Life In Colour project.

Grateful for every drop of rain


Raindrops on hydrangea flowers. Image: Su Leslie 2020

The bush-fire orange cast in our skies yesterday had largely blown away by evening, and this morning we woke to find it had rained overnight. Since no more is forecast for this week, I am feeling incredibly grateful for the little bit of relief the rain brought both to the garden and our air quality.


Raindrops on blue borage flower. Image: Su Leslie 2020

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sparrows in western park b&w_resized

Image: Su Leslie 2019

When we think of monochrome in photography, it’s often as an alternative to colour — or even as its opposite.


Fern frond. Image: Su Leslie 2019

We might allow sepia — with its connotations of nostalgia.

But sometimes, nature presents us with monochrome images; green leaves, a bunch of flowers, or a perfect blue day on the lake.


Image: Su Leslie 2019


Image: Su Leslie 2019


Image: Su Leslie 2019

lake tarawera monochrome

Lake Tarawera, Rotorua, NZ. Image: Su Leslie 2019

I’m sure there are others.

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