Travel Photo no. 2

Sunset, Bolte Bridge, Melbourne, Australia. Image: Su Leslie 2019

Brian at Bushboy’s World invited me to join him and other bloggers posting a travel photo a day for ten days.

The deal is I also invite someone else each day to join in too. I know how busy many of your blog schedules are, so I am always a bit loathe to nominate people.

But … many of you have travelled much more than me and have wonderful archives to dip in to …and I do really enjoy seeing the world through your eyes.

So Sue (WordsVisual), if you feel like it and have time, I’m inviting you today. Ping-back to this post so I’m sure to see yours.

Here’s one I prepared earlier


The view I’d see if I went for a walk this morning. Upper Waitemata Harbour and Herald Island, from Greenhithe Bridge. Image: Su Leslie 2018

I’m definitely feeling more human again after my bout of the flu. I’m not happy about the lingering cough, but am very grateful the fever and aches (especially the headaches) are gone.

After yesterday’s constant rain, it was nice to wake up to some sunshine today. The tide is full and the wind has dropped, so if I had the energy I would walk across Greenhithe Bridge and enjoy seeing this part of the Waitemata harbour at its best. But I’ve learned not to do too much too soon, so for now I’ll content myself with a photo from a previous walk.

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City of Sails


Auckland city skyline from Westhaven Marina. Image: Su Leslie 2019

Auckland markets itself as ‘The City of Sails’ and with around one registered craft for every 11 residents (1), it’s easy to see why.

The city occupies an isthmus between two harbours, and it’s difficult to find a vantage point of Auckland that doesn’t include at least a glimpse of the sea.

auckland skyline from ferry2

America’s Cup (2) boat out practicing or something. Image: Su Leslie 2019

Westhaven Marina, adjacent to the CBD, has berths for around 2000 boats, making it one of the largest in the world. It’s also a great place from which to see the city skyline.


Auckland Harbour Bridge, from Westhaven Marina Boardwalk. Image: Su Leslie 2019


Auckland Harbour Bridge, from Westhaven Marina Boardwalk. Image: Su Leslie 2018

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  1. These are 2014 figures, but my personal guess is that the ratio won’t have changed much in the intervening years, and if anything there may now be more boats in the city’s harbours as Auckland has become a “destination” for superyachts.
  2. Auckland is currently home to the America’s Cup, after a 7-1 victory in 2017 in the Bahamas. The next challenge will take place here in 2021.