However fabulous your shoes …

… it’s the dance you perform in them that counts.

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Not a rolling stone then

moss agate

Moss agate; from the boy-child’s old rock collection. Image: Su Leslie 2018

“A rolling stone gathers no moss”

I had forgotten the boy-child’s long-ago interest in rocks, until I recently found the shoebox in which his collection has languished. The “moss” is not organic, but formed by the action of different minerals in the composition.

According to Crystals Online, it also:

… has a lovely positive energy, it is said to increase hope and optimism and to improve confidence and self-esteem.

It is strongly connected to nature and is said to assist you in feeling the beauty that is nature. Moss Agate is said to bring abundance and prosperity into your life. It is believed to be a stone of new beginnings helping to release you from deep-seated fears and blockages that might be holding you back.

In physical healing Moss Agate is believed to speed up convalescence after illness or injury and to boost the immune system. It is thought to be anti-inflammatory, reducing swelling and lowering temperatures.

Perhaps I should strap it to my arthritic knee, which is giving me serious grief today.

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Macro Monday


How do we trust the structure when only a fragment is in focus? Su Leslie, 2018

The structure here is a titanium earring (a madly impractical, 1980s-excess sort of earring); incredibly strong because it is a) titanium and, b) triangular.

I know this because it’s my earring, but life is full of structures for which I have no “eye of God” perspective.

A society works because (and when) its citizens can trust the institutions and processes that form the structure of that society. Trust can only be maintained if those institutions and processes continue to perform, and do so with sufficient transparency that we are not left holding onto little but blind faith.

And when the structures start to seem wobbly or indistinct, it is our job as members of the society to stand together and do all we can to fix them.

Easier said than done, admittedly.