“Improve eyesight, clear the head and encourage cheerfulness”

Marigold, Calendula officinalis. Image: Su Leslie 2020

The powers of calendula, according to Macer Floridus De Viribus Herbarum, a Medieval poem, in Latin, was written in hexameter extolling the healing properties of seventy seven healing plants.

The author is thought to be Odo de Meung (Odo Magdunensis), a French physician from Meung on the Loire who lived during the first half of the 11th century.

From virtues and pleasures of herbs through history

Macro Monday

Grounds for hope

New growth on the smaller of my road-trip hydrangeas. Image: Su Leslie 2020

The hydrangea bushes (well, full-sized plant and little stem) brought back from Whanganui are both looking healthy and have new growth.

New flowers on the larger road-trip hydrangea. Image: Su Leslie 2020

Not quite knowing how to care for my gifted plants, I’ve read and tried to follow advice both online and in print. For now, it seems that lavish amounts of attention and water have been enough.

A belated contribution to the Ragtag Daily Prompt | hope

Monday Macro


Grateful for every drop of rain


Raindrops on hydrangea flowers. Image: Su Leslie 2020

The bush-fire orange cast in our skies yesterday had largely blown away by evening, and this morning we woke to find it had rained overnight. Since no more is forecast for this week, I am feeling incredibly grateful for the little bit of relief the rain brought both to the garden and our air quality.


Raindrops on blue borage flower. Image: Su Leslie 2020

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