Simple, but good


Homemade lip balm. Image: Su Leslie 2019

In her recent Changing Seasons post, Sarah at Art Expedition included her recipe for beeswax lip balm, along with some lovely photos of the finished product.

It looked sooo good, I had to try making some.


Beeswax lip balm. Image: Su Leslie 2019

It was easy to make, tastes nice (I added some vanilla flavour), and seems to work well. Even using mainly organic ingredients, plus buying flavouring and the little aluminium pots (which should be reusable), my lip balms cost less than half the price of the brand I used to buy.


Just poured. Beeswax lip balm. Image: Su Leslie 2019

But more importantly, I know exactly what went into them, and I understand the process — which means I can experiment with different flavours or oils.


Three main ingredients, plus optional flavouring. Image: Su Leslie 2019