Daily Post Photo Challenge: my place in the world

Early morning, Lucas Creek at Greenhithe, Auckland, NZ. Su Leslie 2018

To be perfectly honest, I’m really not sure what constitutes my place in the world . Even geographically, I struggle. I’ve lived in the same neighbourhood (indeed the same house) for 18 years, and yet I wouldn’t claim I’ve ever felt particularly “of” this place.

I feel even more adrift lately, as Auckland’s rapid and unchecked population growth pushes high density housing ever further onto formerly rural land that once nurtured the orchards and gardens that fed us.

This is still a beautiful place; a small claw of sandstone reaching out into the Upper Waitemata Harbour. Early in the morning, and at dusk, it is possible to find a place at water’s edge and listen to the tide lap boats and sea walls. To watch morning mists evaporate, or the sun take its nightly curtain call in rich, splendid colour.

Sunset, Christmas Beach, Herald Island, Auckland. Su Leslie 2018

It is still a beautiful place, and for now, one way or another, I guess it is my place.

Daily Post Photo Challenge | place in the world