Friday flowers

Image: Su Leslie

April in Jude’s Life in Colour project is all about purple, and what’s not to love about a purple hydrangea?

As is becoming my habit, I’m taking inspiration from Tracy (at Reflections of an Untidy Mind), and bringing you some music too.

This is an intensely personal song written and performed by a beautiful young friend; a woman I’ve watched grow from infancy.



Purples and blue

There’s definitely some colour-coding of what’s blooming — and fading — in my garden.

Friday Flowers

Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: macro

Close up shot of purple flower with mass petals and pale lilac stamen. Image: Su Leslie, 2015

“Stretching his hand up to reach the stars, too often man forgets the flowers at his feet.” — Jeremy Bentham. Image: Su Leslie, 2016, edited with Snapseed.

Surrounded by the accumulated junk of a life lived so long in the same place, I’m beginning to feel a little besieged.

This has been my week for house-cleaning; emptying cupboards and drawers, un-stacking shelves and generally fossicking around to bring into the light stuff that we have acquired during our almost 16 year tenure in this house.

And oh my, there is a lot of it.

I’ve sorted clothes, books, business records, photographs, ‘spare’ crockery and glassware; I even ventured into the very back of the top shelf of the cupboard in the hall (after which I can say that, come the apocalypse, we’re sorted for tea-lights, plastic containers and wine glasses)!

While it is incredibly satisfying to reduce clutter, reclaim space and generally take a weight off the house’s foundations, I have been so engrossed in my task that I’ve hardly ventured outside.

So this week my contribution to Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge is a single shot of a pincushion flower; chosen to remind me that its ok to have a lot of something (in this case petals), as long as all the individual elements work harmoniously together.

I still think I can cull the tea-lights though.