It’s raining again

rain splash

Rain on the outside table. Image: Su Leslie 2018

It rains all year round in Auckland. You know it’s winter when it’s worth wearing a raincoat because it’s a bit too cold to let your soaked clothes just dry on your body.

But even by Auckland standards, the last few weeks have been really wet. Yesterday morning, we had 872 lightening strikes in a two hour period, and about 24mm of rain — that’s around twice the monthly average.

rain splash on table

Too wet to eat outside — too wet to even get a proper shot of the table. Image: Su Leslie 2018

The Met Service is forecasting a respite over the next few days — showers instead rain.

A damp start to the day


New growth on the lemon tree. Two days of rain will be helping the garden. Image: Su Leslie 2018

I was going to grizzle a little about the rain and cold winds we have been experiencing for the last few days, but in the light of Queensland’s tornado, the UK’s Storm Callum, and of course, Hurricane Micheal, I will simply note that it’s been a bit damp (and dreich — thank you Anabel for reminding of this excellent Scots word), but good for my garden.

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