Words of encouragement, written on the bench in an artist’s teaching studio. Image; Su Leslie

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” — Pablo Picasso

Words of encouragement #2. Writ large on the studio wall. Image; Su Leslie

Getting the message out. Bag and image; Su Leslie

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Hydrangeas, and more hydrangeas

Salamanca Road, Karl Maughan, collection of Waikato Museum, NZ. Image: Su Leslie 2020

I love hydrangeas. I also love the paintings of New Zealand artist Karl Maughan, whose work so often depicts lush and verdant gardens.

I was quite excited then to see this work, Salamanca Road, amongst the new(ish) acquisitions at the Waikato Museum in Hamilton.

Detail, Salamanca Road, Karl Maughan, collection of Waikato Museum, NZ. Image: Su Leslie 2020

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Image: Su Leslie 2020

I’m not a “fashion” person. My wardrobe only contains clothes that I’m comfortable wearing (physically and morally) and could best be described as utilitarian (less kindly as dull).

Except when it comes to scarves (and coats, but that’s a whole other session on the analyst’s couch).

I buy scarves the way I buy art; and for the same reasons. This one came from a work trip to Wellington about 30 years ago, when a male colleague and I found ourselves with time to spare before a meeting. I dragged him into a department store (ignoring the muttering that his wife never made him go shopping) and after about 15 minutes, he found this. I’m still not quite sure if he genuinely thought it would suit me, or if he was just desperate to get away, but I loved it, bought it, and have been wearing it ever since (not constantly, in case you’re wondering).

The fringe is a nuisance; catching in my earrings (my other adornment obsession), but the scarf wouldn’t look nearly as good without it.

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