Enjoying the late afternoon sunshine with a cup of tea and a good book.

Perhaps I’m just looking for an excuse, but when I hear the word “volume” I think first of books.

It’s a shame the phrase “a slim volume” so often has negative connotations of insubstantial work by little-known authors, because it’s really perfect for Alan Bennett’s wonderful, short but very substantial, novel in praise of libraries and reading.

Volume is Debbie’s choice for this week’s One Word Sunday. So tear yourself away from whatever you’re reading and visit her post.

Reading and writing

“This book is for the reader who seeks a language with which to counter the development imperative in our accelerating culture. The various crises we encounter — ecological, economic or psychological — are very much the result of a blinkered philosophy of endless growth and cultural acceleration.”

— from the Introduction to Stand Firm

Definitely words to reflect on and process in my journal (over coffee and an early hot cross bun).

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Wordless Wednesday

We discovered very early on that sharing a book with him - just holding it, reading the story and talking about the pictures would engage him.Books have always been part of the boy-child's life. His father was reading The House at Pooh Corner to him while we were still in the maternity ward.An epiphany at about five months; we handed him a book upside down and he turned it around.Early favourites; The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Buzzy Bee counting book, Ten Little Rabbits and appropriately enough, The Baby Who Wouldn't Go to Bed!Adding a new dimension to the term "devouring a book."
Apologies to anyone who has seen these before, but I have been thinking about children and reading since Leanne at Nihongojapango posted some wonderful photos of a little one enjoying his books,  and Janet at This, That and The Other Thing wrote a very funny post about her reading addiction.

And of course books are also this week’s Travel Theme at Where’s My Backpack.



Random moment of delight: two kids and their books

The boy-child and a friend happily "reading". Photo: Su Leslie 1999

The boy-child and a friend happily “reading”. Photo: Su Leslie 1999

Now both teenagers; these two are separated by half a world geographically, but remain connected by long-standing ties of friendship (their parents go back to university days), and an on-going love of reading.

And to me, books and kids (especially together) are the ultimate sources of delight.

This post was written in response to Meghan AKA Firebonnet’s “Random Moments of Delight” challenge. You can see Meghan’s latest post here.

Six word Saturday: it feels like a reading day

The Secret Museum, by Molly Oldfield. Photo: Su Leslie 2014

The Secret Museum, by Molly Oldfield. Photo: Su Leslie 2014

Muffin, coffee and a good book

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Weekly Photo Challenge: escape

I guess like a lot of people, my first response to this week’s Daily Post photo challenge – escape – was a vision of a tropical island (Tahiti probably). And we are in the process of trying to organise just such an escape for the next school holidays.

But while holidays on beautiful Pacific islands are a real, but infrequent form of escape, my first and best refuge has always been books.

stack of books

This photo isn’t of my all-time favourites, nor even the books I’m reading at the moment. It’s a pile of some of the books I have escaped into at sometime during my life. The size of the pile is determined by the composition of the photo, so don’t try to read more into it than that.

If I had the time (and all of the books) my escape photo would be of something that looked more like a hut made entirely of books. But I think that’s called a library.