Wordless Wednesday

Enjoying the sunset. Image: Su Leslie 2019

“… how do you find where you belong?”

Black and white shot of trees reflected in lake at Tokaanu Boat Ramp, Turangi. Image: Su Leslie, 2016

Lake Taupo, at Tokaanu boat ramp. Image: Su Leslie, 2016. Edited with Snapseed.

Home from a visit to my dad (and do to a glass-making workshop), I’m working through my photos. I shot these images while walking by Lake Taupo at Tokaanu. The weather was overcast; the threat of rain always present.

Black and white image of rushes reflected in Lake Taupo at Tokaanu. Image: Su Leslie, 2016

Lake Taupo at Tokaanu. Image: Su Leslie, 2016

But what I remember best is not the lowering clouds, but the sense of absolute stillness. With no-one else around, the only sounds I heard were bird-calls and the lap of water.

It’s rare that I find myself in a place of such quiet and calm, and I’ve edited the shots to help me remember and hold on to the feeling of absolute belonging in that space and time.

Black and white shot. Piers from old jetty, Lake Taupo at Tokaanu boat ramp. Image: Su Leslie, 2016. Edited with Snapseed.

Piers from old jetty, Lake Taupo at Tokaanu boat ramp. Image: Su Leslie, 2016. Edited with Snapseed.

The title of this post comes from the wonderful Eva Prowse song ‘Lie in the Land’.  On the road I listened again and again to a recording of her performing this with the band Fly My Pretties.

Written for Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge, at Lens and Pens by Sally.


Reflection and distortion: too close to call

sunglasses painted

Sunglasses stall, Takapuna Market. Photo: Su Leslie, 2013. Edited with Pixlr Express.

Does it make sense to talk about reality, when we see ourselves mainly in reflection? And if we take away the notion of real – then distortion becomes a bit redundant too. I liked this photo, but thought I’d edit it to make it “less real” for this challenge. A statement about what how we see the world, or just a bit of fun?

I also like this song by Little Man Tate, variously called ‘Reflection in his Sunglasses’ and ‘Audrey Hepburn.’

He thought they fell in love
He thought they shared a moment
He thought she was looking deep into his eyes
Right into his very soul
But she was just checking her hair in the reflection of his sunglasses

— Little Man Tate ‘Reflection in his Sunglasses’

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