Regular Random: five minutes with traces of summers past

All that remains. Close-up shot of four sea-shells; two screwshells, a clamshell and the remains of a whelk. Image: Su Leslie, 2017

All that remains from beach days past. Image: Su Leslie, 2017

I don’t think of myself as a beachcomber. Yet sometimes, when I clean out my car or reach into a jacket pocket, I find little souvenirs of a beach walk. Shells mainly, and sometimes pebbles — dry and sandy and somehow not as beautiful as in that first moment I picked them up.

I knew someone once who carefully applied a coat of clear nail varnish to the shells she had collected; an attempt to bring back that wet sparkle which drew her to them in the first place.

I’m not going to varnish my shells. I’m happy to let my camera explore the intricate beauty of their forms and textures and patterns.

Five Minutes of Random (the #RegularRandom challenge), is hosted by Desley Jane at Musings of a Frequently Flying Scientist. 

If you’d like to join in:

  • choose a subject or a scene
  • spend five minutes photographing it – no more!
  • try to see it from many angles, look through something at it, change the light that’s hitting it
  • tag your post #regularrandom and ping back to Desley’s post
  • have fun!