Quest for improvement

Sourdough foccacia with rosemary and olive oil. Image: Su Leslie, 2016

A year or so ago the Big T and I created a sourdough starter: flour, water and whatever bacteria and yeasts inhabit our kitchen. We feed it, keep it warm and sniff it a lot to check its health. We also bake bread: mainly wholewheat, but sometimes fruit bread or foccacia.

Over the year our bread has got better but there is always room for improvement in our quest for the perfect loaf.

Proved dough ready for toppings and baking. Image: Su Leslie, 2016

Lunch: greek salad with homemade sourdough foccacia. Image: Su Leslie, 2016

The last morsel. Image: Su Leslie, 2016


This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge theme is Quest.

Wordless Wednesday


Raisin and apricot sourdough. Image: Su Leslie, 2016.

Thanks to MoSY (Master of Something I’m Yet to Discover), whose post Sticking to the Sourdough offered the fabulous suggestion of adding dried fruit to my sourdough loaf.

Yes, for the rest of you this may not seem like such a revelation. I’m just slow, ok.


Hm. Couldn’t quite wait until I’d photographed it before I took a bite. Image: Su Leslie, 2016


Six Word Saturday: a good day to bake bread

Sourdough foccacia; looks like a bought one!

Sourdough foccacia. My first attempt at a new recipe, from The Bread and Butter Project Cookbook (1). Photo: Su Leslie, 2015

The outlook is ... for more baking. Screenshot from MetService NZ.

The outlook is … for more baking. Screenshot from MetService NZ.


(1) The Bread and Butter Project was created by the Bourke Street Bakery, Sydney, Australia. It is a social enterpries providing baker training and employment pathways for communities in need.