Another weekend craft project completed

Blue and white tote bag, for carrying library books. Slogan says "I have always imagined that Paradise would be a kind of library." Jorge Luis Borges. Image: Su Leslie, 2018

Image: Su Leslie, 2018

In the spirit of trying to eliminate single use plastic bags from my life (and use up my fabric stash), I’m making totes instead. This one is particularly sturdy and wide-based, designed to carry library books.

Next up; perhaps a tote to carry my totes in!

Tote-ally chuffed (yep, pun intended)

tote2 (2)

Weekend craft project; my new tote bag. Su Leslie 2018

I’m doing the happy dance today. My feeling-a-bit-meh-stay-in-and-sew project from the weekend has turned out way better than expected.

Sewing is one of the many things I do with considerably more enthusiasm than skill. But for all that I often hate the results of my labours, I do really enjoy the processes.

The tote was meant to be a simple solution to my twin problems of having a) lots of art and craft materials, and b) no dedicated space in which to use them.

A couple of weeks ago I realized that my stuff was  dispersed through pretty much every room in the house. A huge tidy-up followed (you know the one that includes thoughts like “so, that’s where the screen-printing ink ended up” and “hm, don’t remember buying 10 metres of white satin ribbon”).

tote2 (1)

The art bag. Su Leslie 2018

My tote isn’t quite that ambitious. It is designed to hold an A4 watercolour pad, paints, pencils, brushes and assorted painting doo-dahs and I’m happy to report that it does this rather splendidly.

BUT … it’s also much nicer than I anticipated and it seems a bit sad to keep it at home, lurking in a closet or corner.

SO … I’ll probably test-drive it as a new handbag. And I guess I’ll just have to make myself another art bag.