DP Photo Challenge: the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning

The beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning. Close-up shot of Monarch butterfly chrysalis hanging from cable tie against black background. The wings are already visible as the chrysalis shell becomes translucent, indicating that emergence is imminent. Image: Su Leslie, 2017

Monarch butterfly almost ready to emerge from chrysalis. Image: Su Leslie, 2017

It is a special privilege to observe nature at work. Over this past summer, the milkweed that the Big T and I planted attracted record numbers of monarch butterflies. When it became clear that most of the caterpillars were falling prey to wasps and praying manti, the Big T built a butterfly sanctuary. This meant that not only did dozens of caterpillars survive to emerge as viable butterflies, but that we had ring-side seats to one of nature’s most beautiful shows.

We watched and documented the transition from egg to caterpillar, to chrysalis, to butterfly — right up to the moment our “babies” flew away for their winter hibernation.

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Transition No. 2

House being loaded onto truck for removal from site. Image: Su Leslie, 2015

Moving house; literally. Image: Su Leslie, 2015

Moving house often marks a major transition in our lives.

In New Zealand (and perhaps other countries that build homes out of wood) moving house can literally mean — moving a house. It’s not uncommon to see scenes like the one above. Specialist companies come along and load a house (sometimes having to cut it into pieces first) onto big trucks for relocation. Often it goes straight to the new owners’ site to be re-piled, wired, plumbed, etc. Other times there’s a transition period where it sits with others on a used house lot, waiting for a potential buyer.

This post was written for the Daily Post Photo Challengetransition.

Transition No. 1

photo 11

Sunrise, Campbell’s Bay, Auckland. Image: Su Leslie, 2014

If I could choose the perfect way to begin and end each day, it would be walking on a beach in the moments when the arrival and departure of light mark the speeding up and slowing down of life’s rhythms.

In that specific symmetry of transition — from night to day, day to night, from sea to land — is the reminder that nothing remains the same for long. All of life is transition. The joys we cherish won’t last, but neither will the sorrows.

Sunset, Muriwai Beach, Auckland, New Zealand. Image: Su Leslie, 2015

Sunset, Muriwai Beach, Auckland, New Zealand. Image: Su Leslie, 2015

This post was written for the Daily Post Photo Challenge. This week the theme is transition.