Ripple is a word with emotional baggage; hitched to a thousand variations of the same inspirational quote about small acts having huge consequences.

But when I hear the word ripple, I think of ice-cream. Specifically, a double scoop of Tip Top boysenberry ripple ice-cream, bought from the dairy opposite Narrow Neck Beach. I think of running across hot tarmac in bare feet, madly licking a melting pink mess from cone and fingers.

I don’t have any photos of ice-cream.

And my photo of rippling water is less an illustration of a small act, than of something holding still amidst change. Something with enough mass not to (yet) be swept away by an incoming tide, and able to deflect and deform the moving water.

I feel a bit like that sometimes; dreaming of ice-cream and the kind of Kiwi childhood that has disappeared in the tide of economic “growth” and environmental degradation.

Maybe there’s an inspirational quote in here somewhere. One about being a shell holding out against the tide — eventually swept away but not without changing the course of the water just a little. And about how we can all be such shells; singly moved on, but eventually finding our way together to form a beach.

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“Rows and floes of angel hair…”


Afternoon cloud at Lucas Creek at Greenhithe Wharf. Su Leslie 2018

I seem to have acquired Both Sides Now as an ear worm; singing it almost unconsciously in the last few days.

It’s probably a sign that I’m ready for the annual Christmas Love Actually screening — Emma Thompson’s scene as a wife realising her husband is unfaithful (with Joni Mitchell soundtrack), being by far the best part of a patchy, yet strangely watchable, movie.

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Pleasure in ambiguity

cobbled lane north melbourne

Who else has passed this way? Cobbled lane, North Melbourne, Australia. Image: Su Leslie 2016

“To me photography must suggest, not insist or explain.”
– Brassaï

Ambiguity in an image can come from many sources; choice of subject, an unusual camera angle or focal point, unexpected movement, or shooting through an opaque surface — to think of a few.

bubble deer state gallery vic

Detail, PixCell-Red Deer, sculpture by Kohei Nawa, seen at the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia. Image: Su Leslie 2016

wall of water state gallery vic

Out there. Visitors outside the National Gallery of Victoria, seen from the Waterwall. Image: Su Leslie 2016

By suggesting, rather than explaining, the photographer allows every viewer to create their own meanings and stories.

More fun that way.

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