The Changing Seasons: July

Lemon poppy seed pound cake and a cup of tea. Image: Su Leslie, 2016

Lemon poppy seed pound cake. Image (and baking): Su Leslie, 2016

July has been a month lived indoors. Although not cold, it has been very wet and very windy.

But it’s also citrus time, with all of our grapefruit, oranges and lemons ripe on the trees.

I found this recipe for lemon poppy seed pound cake.  Very nice with a cup of tea.

The Changing Seasons is a monthly challenge hosted by Cardinal Guzman. Please visit to see the Cardinal’s month, and find links to other participants.

There are two versions of the challenge:

Version 1 (The Changing Seasons V1):

Tag your posts with #MonthlyPhotoChallenge and #TheChangingSeasons
Each month, post 5-20 photos in a gallery.
Don’t use photos from your archive. Only new shots.

Version 2 (The Changing Seasons V2):

Tag your posts with #MonthlyPhotoChallenge and #TheChangingSeasons
Each month, post one photo (recipe, painting, drawing, whatever) that represents your interpretation of the month.
Don’t use archive stuff. Only new material!


37 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons: July

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  2. Cake looks yummy – shall keep it in mind once our temps up north are below triple digits. 😉 Although am not a fan of pink, I noted your lovely china cup, saucer, & cake plate. Are they a set? If so, what would a similar set be called, a dessert or tea set? Just wondering… in case I wanted to spot something similar on etsy. Can sympathise with your cabin fever, as we’re the same here, but for quite a different reason! Lol! (Lovely magnolia, by the way.) Stay warm! xx


    • Thanks. I bought the cup/saucer/plate set in an antique shop, specifically for staging shots of food. I’m not sure what it would be called. Perhaps a tea set? I’m usually a “mug of tea” girl and not a fan of “pretty” china. But now I have a little collection of pieces bought for food staging, I quite like using them.

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    • I added extra lemon zest to the recipe and extra lemon juice to the drizzle which I poured on rather than brushing. I think I made it a little runnier than the recipe intended, but — like you — I love the tart lemon taste. And I got that from the syrup. Happy baking.

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  3. Oh I love this poppyseed cake! I have recently written a post, scheduled for August, where I wrote about the poppy seed pastry we baked at my parents’ home. I wish I could buy some poppy seeds and bake something delicious!

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