Is it too soon to add tea blender to my resume?

In Wellington recently I had a really good pot of green tea (at Dumpling’d on Boulcott Street for anyone local). The menu described it as green tea with rose petals and fruit, and it was delicious.

I’m dubious about a lot of flavoured teas since I discovered the added sugars, oil and sundry other ingredients in the fine print, but I figured I could probably get close to replicating the taste with — well, green tea, rosebuds and fruit.

I was right.

The green and rosebud teas came from our local Asian grocer, and the fruit is dried apple slices from the supermarket. My first attempt wasn’t great, but second time round I was more generous with the roses and apple, and I added some fresh lemon thyme from the garden.

I would do my happy dance, but I don’t want to spill tea down my front.

42 thoughts on “Is it too soon to add tea blender to my resume?

  1. Good on you. I sadly can’t see anything good in green tea. I’m notoriously difficult with teas and herbals, and green tea just doesn’t do anything for me. But I do drink gallons of herbal teas (all and only organic). Here, winter is coming, and with that, so is tea time.

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  2. I always find that herbal teas, fruity or otherwise, smell lovely but taste insipid. I have my moments trying to drink tea (not the normal stuff, I can’t bear the smell of that), but I am really a coffee drinker.

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    • I used to be a builder’s tea drinker, and hardly ever had coffee. Now I find tea dries my mouth out and hardly ever drink it (though I still want to). I agree with you on the herbal tea front — they’re either a bit bland, or over-brewed and bitter. That’s why I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the green tea. 🤨

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  3. This is the second post in a row this morning that has made me laugh out loud. I have an image of you doing your happy dance. May each of your days include a moment when a happy dance is appropriate!! 🙂

    Meanwhile, because it is so early in the morning here, I’ll stick with my cup of coffee 😁

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  4. Sounds delicious. I will have to see what I can concoct in Vietnam once I run out of the supply of herbal and fruity teas I brought with me from the UK. I love the idea of adding dried fruits, sounds heavenly, and finding green tea in Vietnam won’t be too challenging.


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  5. I think it’s brilliant that you blend your own tea, especially because of added sugars and oils in bought ones. I think that’s why I stopped drinking them and only drink pure green tea. But I’d love to drink a cup of your lovely tea anytime – and see you dance your happy dance! 😄

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