27 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. Great shot! I was thinking of going to Berlin Mitte to make some shots of the historical buildings there since there should be far less tourists around than normally but haven’t quite dared yet since I’m not sure if it would be okay at the moment. We are allowed to go for a walk but I would also have to travel by public transport to go there which doesn’t seem wise at this time.

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  2. Isn’t the lack of traffic weird? We drove into town for the supermarket the other day and the only other vehicles on the road in 30 minutes were trucks. I’ve never felt so guilty.

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    • It is weird, but — in Auckland anyway — really enjoyable. I can’t believe how much bad driving I’m still seeing though. In one day I saw one woman run a red light and another go straight through a roundabout without stopping. In both cases, other cars narrowly avoided being hit. So irresponsible !


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