Delicate colours


Misty morning, Hobsonville Point, NZ. Image: Su Leslie

The rain has arrived in Auckland, and with it the cold swirl and creep of winter. There is no softness in the colours around me; the world is a washed-out, exhausted grey that seeps into my head and muddles my thoughts.

My to-do list feels like the stuff of fantasy. I half-expect to find “slay dragon” and “retrieve missing chalice” alongside “phone Mum” and “buy potting mix.”

Fortunately (for my participation in this week’s Lens-Artists Challenge at least), trying to bring order to my photo archive also appears (somewhat optimistically) on the list.

So, a dip into images past; softened by memory and a certain amount of editing.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge | delicate colours

43 thoughts on “Delicate colours

  1. Every time I visit, Su, I’m reminded once more of what an excellent photographer you are. Sorry about the greyness of your days right now, but that mist does make for a lovely atmospheric shot. I just hope it doesn’t stay the atmosphere of your mind and soul for too long.

    Sending you virtual hugs, tea, goodies to eat, and love,


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    • Thank you so much Janet. I’m between projects at the moment and that’s never good for my mind. But I picked up my newly purchased tripod today and am looking forward to doing some more food photography

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  2. Oh my goodness. Su, another magical, shrouded in mystery & fog captures that feel like a painting hanging in a museum. Love love love it!

    The rest of your series for Delicate Colours is beautiful: my favourite is your shell keepsakes from summer.

    I hear you on your to-do list – I applaud you on your fantasy-like list, no matter how surreal it may be. I have completely dispensed with lists altogether – speaking as a fastidious list-maker, this new behaviour is perplexing, to say the least. Can’t really figure out why – it must be the discombobulation of the times.

    P/S Did you manage to get your Fish & Chips yet?

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    • Thank you. I am being quite random with my lists. I go for days without making or looking at one, then have a little flurry. I’m feeling the need for projects and organisation right now.

      Yes to the fish and chips; they were sooooo good.


      • Hurray! I don’t know why but I kept wondering if you managed to get those F&C! I am very glad it was delicious!

        I used to be the Queen of Lists, once upon a time. But I think age has disenchanted me, although I actually need them more than ever. I went to the grocery store the other day and forgot the eggs. My daughter asked if I had put them on the list. Of course I did, was the reply. I just didn’t look at the list at the store!

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  3. I echo Janet, your photos are always a joy to see. As we approach the longest day I am beginning to feel slightly anxious about the winter to come, I was hoping to visit downunder this year to get away from it, but that doesn’t seem likely.

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    • Thank you Jude. I can so understand wanting to escape a British winter. I wonder how long it will take before travel becomes possible again. It’s looking like Trans-Tasman travel may happen soon, but I’d been hoping to visit my mum in England.


  4. And I almost wish that my list had “slay dragon” on it. Right now it seems somewhat more manageable than the reality of “don’t know how many months it will be before our state wide Covid orders will allow me to hug my small grandchildren again.”

    I hope your muddled thoughts and mist-filled brain lifts soon. Even though you are out of the lock down stage, I think there is something about being in lock down that inherently is confusing and exhausting. One day bleeds into another and we have no outside schedules to help us keep track of the days. I spent an entire Saturday a week and a half ago thinking that it was Sunday. Didn’t figure out that it wasn’t until dinner time. Mist filled brain indeed.

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  5. A beautiful gallery, Su. I especially liked the multiple exposed leaves, and the furled pink-edged rose.Good luck with ordering your images. It’ll be worth the effort. 🙂


  6. That to-do list of yours is really impressive. 😉 Did you slaughter the dragon and find the chalice? 😁 Love all your photos but especially the one showing the Waitemata Harbor at morning! 😍

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