33 thoughts on “Who cares that it’s raining outside

    • Ooh; how yummy.

      I can understand your feeling about loss of control. Perhaps luckily for me, I don’t feel in control of even a pencil (ask anyone whose seen my hand-writing), so chucking paint around isn’t too much of a leap.


        • I’m left-handed and spent my school years being told that my writing was “wrong.” It went from legible to terrible as my anxiety about it grew. These days, I use a beautiful pen, gorgeous coloured inks and scribble away contentedly in journals and on cards. It does concern me a little that the recipients of my cards probably have no idea what I’m saying, but I figure it’s the thought that counts 🙂


          • I am sure it is not that bad Su😂.
            We have a friend who is a former colleague of mine and we spend much of our Christmas break trying to decipher the essay she writes in our card. Goodness knows what her lab notes look like.
            I was always getting told off for my writing at school too. In my case it just made me hide it by writing really small! It was good practice for drawing detail.
            A few years back I did a weekend calligraphy course. It didn’t stick…

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          • I never thought of doing really small writing! Mine tends to the flamboyantly huge. But thinking about it, it’s definitely much neater when it’s small!!
            My mother used to send the boy-child postcards from her travels (remember travel ☹️) and could barely decipher a word on them. He’s never really seen old-school joined-up writing.


    • I’m not sure if you can call messing around with paint and water “painting.” I’m treating it as all about process — with no real expectations of loving the products.

      That aside; your commitment to fitness and traveling enormous distances on foot has me totally in awe.

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