When you see a chance


Kereru (native NZ pigeon) in a cabbage tree (tī kōuka, Cordyline australis). Image: Su Leslie 2019

Photography often relies on chance — being in the right place at the right time (with the right lens).

I’ve been trying unsuccessfully for years to capture a good shot of the tui and kereru that inhabit our manuka (tea tree), kowhai and tī kōuka trees. I only captured this shot because the tī kōuka berries offer such a feast that the kereru was in no hurry to fly away.

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Leisurely breakfast


Kereru (wood pigeon) in ti kouka (cabbage tree). Image: Su Leslie 2019

I almost didn’t reach for my camera when a kereru swooped down on our cabbage tree this morning.

Normally by the time I’ve got the lens cap off and focused the camera, the bird has flown.

But not today.

The fruit must have been very appetizing because I actually had time to swap lenses and capture a bunch of shots before I had to dash off to an appointment.