22 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: learning to drive my new machine

    • Yes! We call them over-lockers, and it wasn’t until I searched online for information about the different makes that I realised a serger is the same thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if your Singer machine is still going in another 50 years. My new toy almost certainly won’t be!

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      • Yes those Singers were well made in the day. I don’t think a new machine could stand up to the work I put the old one through. I’ve never used a Serger but I can see where they would be useful.


  1. We had an “old” sewing machine for years and our younger daughter art student used it. It needed work so we just got her a new one for Christmas. She loves it, it does a million things, and can be carried without a struggle because it doesn’t weigh half a ton. Hopefully it will last for many years and hopefully yours will as well.


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    • Thanks Janet. My new machine has lots of different stitches and settings (unlike the old one which only did one thing). I suspect once I get the hang of it, I’ll find a new enthusiasm for sewing too.


    • Thanks! My old one certainly did good service making pyjamas for the kid. My sister-in-law had it while I was in the UK and I think she pretty much did the same. The new one has already made couple of dresses wearable again. 🙂

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