A good morning

Coffee, croissant and homemade jam served from my grandmother's silver jar. Image: Su Leslie, 2016

Coffee, croissant and homemade jam served from my grandmother’s silver jar holder. Image: Su Leslie, 2016

Since the boy-child moved out, my mornings have generally become more leisurely. I can wake according to my body-clock rather than the dictates of Auckland traffic.

Freed from cooking teenager-sized breakfasts, packing lunches and constantly, constantly reminding the boy to HURRY UP, breakfast has become a time for planning and contemplation; a little oasis of calm where I prepare for the day.

I have my grandmother’s silver jam jar holder, and while once I would have thought it ridiculous to use something like that just to hold jam (which, let’s face it, comes in its own jar) I now appreciate not only the simple beauty of the object, but the connection it gives me to the woman whose name I bear, and whom I know only from photographs and my father’s memories.

This post was written for the Daily Post Photo Challenge. This week’s theme is morning.



24 thoughts on “A good morning

  1. It must be a bit bittersweet. I do recall that sense of calm and quiet—no arguing, no nagging, no cleaning up after a teenager, etc. I loved it, but I also knew it meant the end of a time in my life that would never come back. For better and for worse.

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    • Is this a “going away to college” nest emptying? I was lucky he only decided to move into a flat with friends and is (quite literally) 10 minutes or so up the road. The nest is emptying in stages.


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