28 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

        • As you know, I am a hopeless sports spectator, and I have particular trouble with things like golf and cycling which just seem to go on and on. Mind you, it doesn’t help that I always seem to be watching at the precise moment there is a huge crash and all I can think of are injuries. 🙂


          • Years ago when my husband brought home tapes (!!) of the entire Tour, the girls and I rolled our eyes and sighed. Now I’m an addict. Knowing a lot more about it makes all the difference, while the commentators are stellar. They talk about not only the cycling, but about the regions and history. Yes, there are injuries, but my husband played rugby, so I know a lot about injuries. Every sport has them.

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          • I agree that understanding a sport makes a difference. I got to understand basketball when the boychild played, and it remains pretty much the only sport I can watch. My problem with rugby is it’s almost religious status in NZ. There seems to be an assumption that everyone in the country is obsessed with the All Blacks and it’s very alienating for the (substantial) minority like me who prefer other fields of endeavor.

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          • Growing up, I played fast pitch softball, volleyball, and ran track. But I’ve always loved hockey and I’ve been drawn to some of the “lesser” sports in the years since I stopped playing organized sports.

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          • I played hockey as a kid, but come from a family of footballers (soccer). It’s only since I had the boy-child that I have got involved in sport again. He played soccer, touch rugby and basketball, and did gymnastics. Nowadays, he’s happy just skateboarding.

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    • I took the photo a couple of days ago. The plant grows in our garden — it’s some sort of protea I think. The Big T pruned somewhat, er, vigorously, and I rescued some branches to photograph. I guess it’s confusing posting snow pictures alongside garden shots, but in our small country it’s not far from coast to mountain or from sub-tropical to alpine climates. 🙂

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