The most beautiful moment

"The flower is the moment we live. The perfect moment." Close-up image of white apple blossom against blurred background. Image: Su Leslie, 2017

“The flower is the moment that we live … The most beautiful moment.” Image: Su Leslie, 2017

A plant has a circle. The seed becomes a plant which has a flower … it transforms into a fruit and the fruit drops. There’s another seed and the seed grows again. This is a circle. The flower is the moment that we live. The most beautiful moment of the circle. The most beautiful moment.Alex Atala, chef.

The road-bumps my family’s been experiencing lately show no signs of disappearing, and it looks as though travelling a new, more difficult road might be the new normal — at least for a while.

If I sound cryptic, then my apologies. Some stories are not really mine to share, even though I’m a character in them.

It is amazing though, how having to raise my head to new horizons also allows me to appreciate much more the simple beauty around me.

I heard the quote above on Chef’s Table last night and was moved almost to tears.

Here it is in context:



30 thoughts on “The most beautiful moment

  1. Hugs to you Su. I’m so sorry for the struggle. I hope that it is your family’s bursting out of the chrysalis moment that leads to the glory of the butterfly. And if not, well, I hope there is light drawing you all forward. ❀

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  2. whoah, I see what you mean about almost being brought to tears. I’m somewhat speechless. What a lovely presentation your photograph and post bring to this quote and video.
    I’m really sorry too, to hear about the bumps in the road and new more difficult times you’re having. Feel free to email me if you just want to “dump” or commiserate. The doors always open. Hugs πŸ™‚


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