Silent Sunday

23 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

    • I do feel very lucky. Friends spent the weekend making jam from donated fruit to give to food banks. My heart is full of love for everyone who shares in this way: and my head is full of anger that food banks should be necessary. Sorry; rant over.

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      • I do agree, also it is sad how much food is wasted, allowed to fall and rot on the ground. Hard to say what the solution is though as it would need someone dedicating their time to organising collection etc. there is food out there it just isn’t getting to the needy

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      • There’s a local group (but spreading round NZ) that works with people who have spare fruit and veg. They organise volunteers to harvest and sort it into what can be eaten fresh and what has to be preserved. Then their volunteers do the preserving and deliver everything to food banks, refuges, etc. My friends are volunteers with this group.

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