First clematis flowers of the season

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19 thoughts on “First clematis flowers of the season

  1. I DO love them, the clematis montana. I planted one at the foot of a near dead apricot tree (which I uniquely and solely keep to hang up the 10 different bird feeding stations in winter….!). The clematis took 3 years to get well established and this year in spring it was the first time that we had thousands of beautiful blooms – I’m thrilled for you and participate in the joy of this wonderful sign of spring! We have today the first day of autumn in France. It was a day of surprises, we got up at 5.30am, had breakfast at a quarter to six, in our veranda, without jumpers, just so, but with 4 candles and a small lamp, it was heavenly…… Then, at around 9am a very, very heavy downpour, the first in – I don’t know how many weeks, months…. – and in the afternoon temps of 25ยฐC once more. Oh the joy!

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