A very modern panoply

Amongst the definitions of panoply are; a suit of armour and a protective covering.

Both of these could apply to the gear worn by para-gliders, although I’m not sure how strong the armour is, and how much protection it actually affords when they are hurling themselves off really high cliffs.

D5D49836-1CD4-4129-966F-5205F1C7A765 Launch successful. Image: Su Leslie, 2018

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17 thoughts on “A very modern panoply

  1. I’ve watched people do this over the high dunes on Cape Cod, amazed at their bravery (or stupidity?), and also a bit envious of their ability to “fly.” But they are not dressed in such armor—usually just a wetsuit in case they land in the ocean. Have you seen kite-surfing? That is so beautiful to watch.

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    • It is quite mesmerising to watch. I have seen people launch off cliffs near the sea here, but they always seem to have the same kit, not just a wet-suit. The bluff in these photos is about 400 metres high, and a sheer rock face. I’d be absolutely terrified!
      I love watching kite-surfing too. Stormy days in Auckland seem to really attract the kite-surfers out in huge numbers.

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    • 😀😀 I know what you mean. One of the launches was aborted because the woman couldn’t get her gear untangled. It was a new sail apparently and the support people were encouraging her not to try it in that launch spot — at least until she had the wires straightened.
      Haven’t heard rankle for sooooo long btw. I’ll have to work it into conversation somehow so I don’t forget it.


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