Working in colour


Getting ready. Image: Su Leslie 2018

All the spring-cleaning and re-organising of my stuff that’s been going on has revealed the true extent of my fabric stash, and I am determined to start using it.


Green certainly seems to be my colour. Image: Su Leslie 2018

These shades of blue and green seem to form the palette of my life, and I think look really good on my newly painted work table.


New work table, new enthusiasm. Image: Su Leslie 2018

Sanded, sealed, splashed and sealed again; our old table repurposed. The surface is smooth enough for working with fabric, and waterproof so I can use it for painting too.

It’s amazing how having a fun, colourful workspace improves my enthusiasm for a project.

Of course the painting helps. I bought it about 30 years ago from a friend who in turn bought it in an art school graduate show. I love the colours, and the landscape is Auckland’s west coast, probably either Piha or Te Henga beach.

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29 thoughts on “Working in colour

  1. Thanks Su, for showing us the table. I need to do something like that to mine. I like the idea that is smooth and sealed. The one I’m using now is spotted with paint and I wouldn’t want to use it for sewing.

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  2. lime green never felt so fresh…
    and loved this

    New work table, new enthusiasm.

    also – that painting is a keeper – I can see part of what you love
    and even the scale of the flowers adds to the interest –

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    • The painting is definitely a keeper! It’s the first piece of art I ever bought, and when we went to the UK, we asked the Big T’s parents to look after it. They grumbled and moaned that they didn’t like it, then finally hung it in their entrance hall. When we came home, bought a house and went to get it back, suddenly they were in love with it and didn’t want to give it back. πŸ™‚

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    • Thanks. I can’t believe how much I love working on it. On a practical level, the smooth surface is a huge improvement. But the real pleasure comes from the fact that it’s bright and whimsical.


  3. I love your new workspace! I know what you mean about having a new space enhances your enthusiasm. Since I set up my own space, I loved working there … and I don’t have an awesome table like your’s πŸ™‚

    btw – love the written message to yourself … especially the part about ‘make joy’ πŸ™‚


    • I’m glad you like it.
      Thanks for sending that link. Interestingly, your son’s M-i-L has had a similar career path as the artist (Maureen Jaggard) who painted my “lilies” (as it’s always been known in our family). Both are Elam graduates (though a decade or so apart) and both former teachers. though


  4. Ooh! Your table is sooo cool! Love it! I was hoping you’d share a pic of it.😊 And I can feel all the good and vibrant energy coming of it and flowing into your creative hands! And the painting is fab! πŸ˜„ xxxxxxx

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