31 thoughts on “Practical therapy

  1. I so love this imaginary! I took sewing in school and both grandmothers sewed. Those machines fascinated me. My husband has his grandmother’s vintage “Singer” w/hidden compartment that folds out a reveals the machine sitting in our hallways.

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  2. Lovely quote. Not a seamstress but my grandma was pretty good, and when I was a child I enjoyed watching her work. I still have her sewing machine. It is an antique furniture nowadays. Brings back lots of lovely memories.

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  3. Such a cool photo, Su!! Totally love the red, and the quote. I’m currently watching the tv series The Handmaid’s Tale – I’ve watched the film years ago but couldn’t bring up the guts to read the book although I know it will be better; the series is pretty good though – and it’s the same red the maides have to wear all the time.

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    • I confess I began reading the book years ago and gave up because I found it so depressing. I get so anxious and stressed about the real world, I generally can’t cope with dystopian fiction. T is watching the series and says it is very well-made.

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      • I know the feeling, Su. There was a documentary yesterday about how the world is going to change because of climate change and what comes with it (mainly people fleeing from their countries in order to find water and a safe place) but I couldn’t bring myself to watch it after I’ve watched something similar on Sunday. I knew it would leave me feeling completely drained of hope and that i would have trouble finding any sleep. 😯

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        • ☹️ it’s easy to see why change is not happening g as much or as fast as it needs to. No matter how much we care, we have to ignore reality at least part of the time just to maintain our sanity.

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          • I think there’s much truth in that. Watching the world going to pieces, it’s one of the biggest challenge to maintain just that – the sanity of our minds and souls.


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