Ageing with style

Cherry blossom. Image: Su Leslie 2019

A broken branch has found a temporary home indoors where I can still enjoy the flowers, even as they fade. I love how their colour has intensified, and the petals look like dancers’ skirts.

Monday Macro

22 thoughts on “Ageing with style

  1. Thanks for the lovely picture, Su! Sometimes in the spring, I have taken a broken cherry branch not yet in blossoms into the house and put in a vase. It was a wonderful experience to see its blossoms a few weeks early. Have a great week, Su!

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  2. That’s something I too enjoy tremendously. I try to see a connecting line between fading flowers and my own fading ‘what’s that called again?’….. The latest flowers, nearly dead already, have this transparent, transluscient glow, faded colours, tired pink often, I so love. Just like me, you see?! πŸ˜‰

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  3. I can see the dancers! Not only their skirts – the stem of the flowers are the lithe figures of prima ballerinas! πŸ˜„ Now we only need to fix tiny clay heads to them! πŸ˜„Or turn them into earrings like we talked about it on IG. πŸ˜‰

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